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Hot Tamales Peeps Are Here To Spice Up Your Easter

I myself enjoy chocolate, but my husband LOVES sour and hot candy. That’s why when I saw Peeps’ latest Easter creation I knew that I needed to get my hands on it for him.

If you’ve never had Hot Tamale candy before, you are definitely familiar with them. They sort of look like Mike And Ikes but are bright red and feature an explosive cinnamon flavor in each bite.

The Hot Tamale Peeps were first spotted by Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom and have since gone viral:

This isn’t the combination many of us wanted, but maybe we will all be proved wrong. Sugar does help break down the spices, so it does make perfect sense. Marshmallow + cinnamon sounds pretty freakin good.

JunkFoodMom said that there is only a tiny bit of cinnamon flavor so people who don’t like heat should still be able to handle them.

Check out this full review and be prepared to grab them at your local grocery store:

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