How The Stars Decorated Their Houses For The Holidays

It takes a lot of creativity to decorate a Christmas tree but sometimes, it takes a little inspiration as well. That inspiration can come from celebrities, and although we may not have paid thousands of dollars in New York City for our tree, we can still make them just as beautiful on a budget.

One of the best Christmas trees this year is the one that the Tannenbaums put together. Coming in a close second is Kim Kardashian but there are many notable trees that would fit into the awesome category as well. You can always stock them up for next year.

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Would it surprise you to learn that Kylie Jenner bought most of her Christmas decorations from Target? She may be a billionaire, but you can still see the budget-friendly options by watching her vlog. The tree itself is quite traditional but the Santa figurine ornaments and metallic baubles add a lot of glitz to it as well. She also allowed the tree to speak for itself in many ways by not overloading it. Kylie says that she is trying to re-create the holiday experience for Stormi from her own childhood. She chose ornaments her mother used for the tree when she was younger.

Adrienne Bailon managed to put a rather interesting display together using blue, gold, pink and white. She was able to pick up the decorations from HomeGoods. Not only is it beautiful, but it also adds a romantic and warm look to her home.

Nicole “Snooki” LaValle used a rather traditional approach to her holiday decorating. It included a Santa figure, Rudolph and using Garland for her stair railing. Lorenzo, her son is also included with the silver ‘L’. It’s a tasteful display with plenty to admire.

Kelly Rippa decided to use some old family photos for Christmas ornaments this year. It added a creative touch that we can bring into our own homes as well.

Christina Anstead decided to put her children under the tree this year for a family picture. The HGTV star put ribbon that is black and white checkered along with a sparkly white mesh ribbon to make the tree look sophisticated.

Bethenny Frankel seems to have gone all out with her Christmas decorations this year. As a former Real Housewives of New York Star, she talks about how happy she is to still have a home and is looking back on the years that life was more difficult. She wrapped her tree in silver and gold Garland and the paper decorations are both practical and traditional.

Chloe Kardashian decided to get a pink tree for her daughter True. Pink seems to be trending in her eyes, and she really went all out to make the colorwork for her.

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Caroline Stanbury mixed up quite a few different patterns to put together a classic look that we can imitate. Bold and big were the words of the day for this Ladies of London star.

Kristin Cavallari decided to downsize her Christmas tree this year but it is still a very beautiful and tastefully finished Christmas decoration. Many people feel that bigger is better when it comes to Christmas decorations, but Kristin shows that a toned-down look can be just as beautiful.

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